If My Kids Were on Facebook: “Put him on the boob”

The great thing about kids is that sometimes they will up and say something so incredibly surprising and funny that you forgive them for annoying the shit out of you the other 23.95 hours of the day.

My three year old did this yesterday. He was trying to vacuum the lounge room and my one year old was getting underfoot and generally making a nuisance of himself. I was having a quiet chuckle at the delicious irony of it all when my three year old turned to me in exasperation and said,

“Can you put Fannel on the boob? I need Fannel on the boob ‘cos he’s annoying me”.

My quiet chuckle disintegrated into loud hysterics and so inspired another fluffy faux-Facebook post for this blog. Their cute little sibling argy-bargy is still at an early enough stage to amuse rather than irritate me. I know that will change one day, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.


And yes, obligatory disclaimer: I don’t actually have Facebook accounts for my kids.

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