Bringing Home the Bacon: Adventures with Oliving by Hans

This is a sponsored post by Oliving at Hans and Marmot Inc.

We just celebrated “Meat Weekend” at the Hugzilla compound, and with the delicious scent of sizzling smallgoods in the air, the three males in my house have never been more interested in my blog. In fact, they have never been interested in my blog. Ever.

Until now.

Because mama’s blog literally brought home the bacon.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 7.49.35 pm

I was recently invited to an event hosted by Oliving at Hans, a new range of healthier choice smallgoods and deli meats. Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, Oliving by Hans products have a significantly lower saturated fat content because some of it has been replaced with olive oil. Less saturated fat, same taste. All good.

So, why is this important? It is super-important to me because my notoriously fussy two year-old survives on a diet that can best be summarised by the following food-pyramid infographic, so having a healthier option is always a good thing.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 5.40.04 pm

And then there is my husband, a man who scoffs at salt-reduced, thumbs his nose at low-fat and sniffs at anything new-and-improved with suspicion. For the record: during our entire weekend feast of food this man had NO IDEA these smallgoods were a healthier choice option, because they taste just as good as traditional-style deli meats. *insert conspiratorial laughter*

A massive thank you to everyone who responded to my earlier cries for help post, and shared their recipe inspiration, moral support and suggestions. Here are some of your ideas brought to life, ‘Zilla-style.

1. Mini hot dogs

hot dogs

These were a massive winner with the kids. Child #2 made his critique very obvious, devouring the cocktail franks and leaving the bread rolls completely untouched. In hindsight, I should have put strawberry jam on the rolls instead of tomato sauce. Mental note: stick laminated copy of food pyramid on fridge.

2. French onion soup and sour cream dip

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 7.47.13 pm

One of the more dubious comments suggested I mix a packet of french onion soup powder with sour cream and “use it as a dip for the sausage stuff”.  Verdict: Smallgoods were much yummier on their own, my children recoiled from the “weird looking white stuff” and even the dogs refused to eat the dip (or anything that had touched the dip).

3. Sandwich/BLT


Such is the respect for my skill in the kitchen that one of my regular readers suggested I “make a sandwich”. This same reader clearly has a high regard for my overall intelligence because she also added the helpful tip: “search for recipes on the internet”. Thank you, Constant Reader. I will make a note of that.

4. Bacon-wrapped kransky with brown sugar


I wasn’t entirely sure if I was being trolled with this suggestion, truth be told. I was promised an ecstasy of taste-bud delight and it didn’t fail to disappoint. Sugar and bacon truly are a match made in heaven. Go figure.

5. Alphabet meat


Then there was the downright bizarre. “I think you should cut up the various sausages into the individual letters of the alphabet. Then digitise each meat letter and write one of your typically witty and insightful blog posts – but in meat”. The same comment also went on to quote the philosophy of Marshall McLuhan and briefly pondered matters of existentialism. He lost me at digitisation, but here is the Hugzilla logo. In Polish salami. 

6. Fancy chopping board and sprig of rosemary


I got a lot of “fake it ‘til you make it” advice, and one of my favourites was to chuck a whole bunch of stuff on a fancy chopping board and add a sprig of rosemary. It has since come to my attention that this has a fancy name: charcuterie. Meat on plate.

7. Failed experiment in meat-cake

nailed it meat cake

Fuelled by a few of glasses of Friday-night vino, my friends goaded me into creating a meat cake inspired by this M&M’s cake. The less said about it the better. In true ‘Zilla style I ran out of ingredients halfway through and had to rip apart one of my son’s preschool art projects to procure the ribbon that held it all together. It was a FAILURE from start to finish, and literally the DUMBEST thing I’ve ever done. DO NOT try this one at home, folks.

Here is a short video of the event I talked about in my last post. The bar with the business shirts. The purple haired bartender with hipster beard. Lots of happy, well-fed bloggers!

Oliving By Hans Giveaway

The Oliving by Hans products will be available in the deli and dairy section of Woolworths, Coles and IGA by the end of October, and you can find more information here. I also have four $30 Coles vouchers to give away. All you need to do to enter is comment below with YOUR most impressive dish.

1. Competition closes 5pm 28th October 2014, and is open to Australian residents only

2. FOUR (4) winners will each win a $30 Coles voucher. Hugzilla blog accepts no responsibility for prizes sent by Oliving by Hans.

3. To enter, leave a comment below with your most impressive smallgoods dish. This giveaway is based on a game of skill and the four most creative responses will be selected as the winner.

4. Only comments left below and not on Facebook or associated social media accounts will be included in the draw.

5. Winners will be announced on the blog and via Facebook. Winners have 7 days from the end of the competition to claim their prize. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.

63 thoughts on “Bringing Home the Bacon: Adventures with Oliving by Hans

  1. Love a BLT but I toast the bread and add avocado as well. My kids would love the hotdogs. Your readers had some interesting recipe suggestions!!

    • I had SO many great suggestions, I was really overwhelmed at how kind people were with their time 🙂 I vaguely recalled that BLTs might have been toasted but I wasn’t sure. I guess I should have googled it after all! LOL.

  2. I cannot believe you even entertained the thought of the meat cake! I love the BLT too but I know the Mr would love the bacon wrapped kransky!

  3. I read this at 4am while feeding the baby and had to choke back the guffaws (yes, guffaws is the only appropriate word here) over the meat cake. Crying but also secretly wondering what you used for filling… I love charcuterie.

  4. Love that your sponsored post still has the good old Hugzilla spin to it!

    My most impressive dish is chicken nuggets…packed full of veggies. I puree the hell out of veggies, combine with chicken mince, add enough seasoning to disguise the veggie taste, crumb them (panko works best for that authentic looking crumbed nugget), then bake them! My fussy 5 year old loves the hell out of them and has no idea that they are packed full of veggie goodness.

    • Seriously Tegan, that is an EXCELLENT dish and one I am going to try this week. My kids are just terrible with vegetables and all jokes aside, it sends me spare on a regular basis. Thank you. I’ll tweet you later on in the week to let you know if my kids eat them or not!

    • LOL, I had a pizza and a pasta dish that I had photographed and ready to go but unfortunately I had to edit some stuff out because it was turning into the “War and Peace” of blog posts. Bahhahahahaha!

  5. There is a lot to be said for the sandwich. It takes a master to plan, create and execute a sandwich with just the right ratio of small goods. I feel my greatest accomplishment was the ham, roast beef and chicken tower sandwich I made for my husband just days before I gave birth to our first child. He told me he wanted meat, and lots of it. So that’s what I gave him. To this day he still talks about that sandwich as the best he’s ever had. What can I say, I know how to please a man!
    (P.S. I will post a photo of epic meat sandwich to your facebook page now and await your awe!).

  6. Ba ha ha! I’m not entering, cos I’m running the same promotion on my blog too BUT I love this post. Luckily I genuinely liked the Oliving by Hans products that I tried, otherwise our Meat Week would have been hard going. But then, we didn’t even TRY making a meat cake! What a missed opportunity!

  7. Ah what fun with meat you had – the cake made me laugh and grimace at the same time. Bet my hubby would LOVE to eat that! My best dish. My most impressive dish is a stuffed chicken breast with sundried tomatoes, a pesto dip, cream cheese and then it’s wrapped in bacon, stir fried to crisp and then baked. I do it annually – no more or else the hubby might star to expect nice food all the time! xx

    • It’s really weird. I know that I love pesto but I ALWAYS without a doubt forget that pesto even exists every time I decide what to cook or do the grocery shopping. I wouldn’t even know what aisle it’s in. I swear, they see me coming and they scramble to hide it all. That sounds absolutely divine. I’ve decided to try one of Tegan’s recipes this week and one of Eva’s too. I might need to do this one too.

  8. Is there nothing that meat cannot solve? Generations of slaughter man from UGG the cave man to Hans himself have used meat to come up with creative suggestions for battling poverty and religious intolerance.

    My little meat special is to BBQ thick chunks of ham off the bone (just to the point where the edges begin to caramelise) and then whack it between two thick slabs of buttered white bread along with lashings of Heinz Ketchup and tomato sauce flavoured potato chips.

    It’s the perfect combination of carbs, protein, fat and sugar and it tastes YUMMM!!!

    • ZOMG the potato chips! I used to have potato chip sandwiches on dodgy white bread as a wee young lass. I need this back in my life. Nice touch with the ham off the bone. That’s gourmet.

  9. You have totally nailed this. Talk about giving it your all. I thought the alphabet letters were awesome and then I saw the meat cake. Truly inspirational.

  10. A cauliflower soup bacon bits that are fried
    And some Chorizo & cheese rolls served on the side!
    A lovely, hearty dish that my whole family adore
    And so tasty that they keep coming back for more!

  11. MMMm mmmmmm meat!

    totes cheating and heading to a little place called “Oma’s Kitchen” in town to gorge on pork knuckle and assorted meats. Washed down with beer of course, even though I don’t drink beer. It just has to be that way.

  12. I saw this brand at Coles today and wondered what it was! Hey that meat cake is a winner with me. Worth it just for bragging rights, I reckon.
    My fave with deli meat is a good old 80s kabana and cheese cube platter. Entertainer of the year.

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