Hugzilla House Tour: The Panda in Her Natural Habitat

living 7

I’m not going to lie.

My house is awesome. I love my house.

It wasn’t always awesome. I meandered through early adulthood with a random assortment of hand-me down pine bookcases, blue Fantastic Furniture couches and lots of cheap and ugly MDF pieces, with the emphasis on “ugly”.

We had our first child, bought a daggy weatherboard shack in the mountains and I soon discovered that being a stay at home mum was a lot like being under house arrest. I spent a lot of time at home for the first time in my life, and I came to the abrupt realisation that I hated my house; it was full of hideous furniture and drowning in baby-related crap.

It was time to grow up. And it was time to get my mojo back.

living 10

I gradually started working on transforming my home into something I loved.

Like a lot of mums, I don’t have $1000 to blow on an imported kilim ottoman or a mid-century teak sideboard that would be covered in glitter and Dora the Explorer stickers before you could say “minimalist Danish design”. If my house makes a statement, that statement is: “Hey! Lower middle-class suburban mums can have cool houses too”.

None of our stuff is expensive. All of it comes from op shops, garage sales, Gumtree, eBay, roadside finds. The most extravagant pieces are ones that have been purchased new from IKEA. Like a bower bird, I’m always scavenging for random trinkets, homewares and artwork from op shops and cheap chain stores like Kmart, The Reject Shop and Big W.

The only big-ticket items are the music billboard posters I bought when we were cashed-up DINKS with money to piss up the wall. Mostly everything else is the result of my op-shopping obsession.

living 3        living 5

My house is the product of Pinterest, Apartment Therapy and The Design Files. In fact, one of my crazy dreams is to be on The Design Files one day, with all the rich hipsters and their artfully-placed $50 bottles of Aesop hand soap. They don’t profile bogans like us, so it will never happen.

I kind of eventually figured (with a little nudge from Veggie Mama), dude, you have your OWN BLOG. Do your own damn house tour. If you can’t be self-indulgent HERE, you can’t be self-indulgent ANYWHERE.

So, here it is. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I have a thing for black and white.

And before you ask…. Yes. The white leather sofa was a mistake. A BIG mistake.

living 1

living 6

dining         living 4

living 8


kitchen 4       kitchen 5

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 8.07.13 am


mel 2

bedroom 4     bedroom 5

fannel 1

fannel 6       fannel 7

fannel 3

aidan 2         aidan 4

aidan 1

aidan 3

87 thoughts on “Hugzilla House Tour: The Panda in Her Natural Habitat

  1. Hello music billboard posters!! I love it. Love how they are throughout the home. Love the Fooies is your kids bedroom! The black and white print wall, that Sleepy Jackson! So much goodness! How do your boys not use that coffee table as a tramp? Well trained I guess. Thanks for sharing. It lived up to the hype I created in my head. 🙂

    • Yeah, I’ve always been a massive music fan so it was a really natural fit. And I love graphic art and typographic art as well (wanker alert). The boys are surprisingly good. The coffee table has it’s days as a launch pad but they seem to be few and far between of late (touch wood!).

  2. OMG your place is AMAZING! Come over and do mine pls! You might not be able to cook but you sure can decorate. I am so envious as this is simply a skill I do not have. But when we move to our new digs I’m going to get on pinterest and give it a red hot go. Freaking awesome, Zilla!

  3. Not sure if it matters to you or not but when I read this post on a really slooow North Queensland internet connection, the file names (rather than the pics) came up. So this means your kids’ names are out there in the public domain (unless you used pseudunyms). Plus people now know they like the Foo Fighters. Oh the humanity!

  4. No wonder you love your house, you clearly have an excellent eye for design. You would never know this was done on a real-life budget, maybe I was wrong about the pictures you recently bought and posted on facebook, maybe you can make them awesome rather than ugly!

  5. Love it all. Some day I hope I can pull my house together. Right now mix of piles in each room lol. Forever de cluttering but more decorating soon. Hubby would love your music poster collection xx

  6. What a cool house. You have unique style, love that your house doesn’t mirror so many other homes at the moment. You clearly have great taste in music too!

  7. It’s gorgeous. Everything seems to be exactly where it should be. I think you found the perfect spot for all your bower bird collections. Black and white is such a neat, ordered theme to have too. I love the bedroom with the shelves and baskets. A brilliant way to keep stuff out of sight and in its place. You have missed your other calling!

  8. Awesome. FREAKING AWESOME. (Begs the question about the green wolf and purple yoga witch you asked about earlier…) I too am an Oppie Queen, however in the now just six months we’ve been in our brand new home, I’ve been far too terrified to bang a single thing up on the walls. Terrified! It’s just not stamped mine yet as a result. Still looking for a way to do win the FULL SIZE U2 ZOOROPA TOUR BILL POSTER argument here! Frown and pooh!

    • Oh yes, I will find a home (in our new, much larger home) for the wolf and yoga witch… That will be my challenge. It’s funny, my husband and I have a running joke about the number of holes we have in our walls now. He rolls his eyes every time I need to make a new one but he has accepted his fate for now. LOL. The first ones are the hardest. It gets easier after that. Zooropa had such awesome artwork. You need to win that one somehow!

  9. Love your style! Love that you’ve made music such a big part of your decor. We live and breathe music here too- Pixies ftw. And omg is that a craniology plate I spied on your table?? Divine! I must go find me one of them. And love that you’re a decor hustler, totes my kinda thang too. x

  10. What a lovely home you have – it looks very inviting. In March we moved into a new home and it is slowly starting to look like I want it to – nothing as flash as your house, but it suits us !!!!
    Have the best day.

  11. Wow – just wow. Your house is freaking awesome – and not a stray toy in sight 🙂 I feel guilty now for having a bundle of signed blockmounted music posters hidden away. Love the FF and Flaming Lips posters in the kids rooms. I’ve just started to introduce the tornadoes to “mummy’s music” and they do like the self titled first FF album. Still a way to go before they will be asking for that over Sam Moran or The Wiggles. Thanks for the open house tour – you’re a brave woman!

    • Unhide! Unhide! They are such awesome artwork. I’m that old grinch that insists on having adult spaces in my house. I refuse to walk into every room and trip over toys. The kids can play with them wherever they like but all toys get stored in their bedrooms. *mean mum alert*

  12. You have a great eye, your place looks amazing! I wish I could do that but I just can’t get the bits and bobs I grab because I love to go together very well. Ah well, i suppose it’s the shit places like mine that help make yours look even better!

  13. Funnily enough I’ve been wanting to redecorate the house since I became a stay at home mum too. Cabin fever really does make you want to make your home a place you love. All your trinkets and decorating is actually giving me hope that I’ll be able to have a nice house + kids. I always thought you had to give up all the nice stuff once the kids came along (not that I had nice stuff before). I love your kids rooms! I’m half way through doing bubs room the way I want it but I keep changing my mind. One day it’ll get finished, hopefully before we have a second child and she moves to the spare room.

    • Trust me, it can be done! So many people say it can’t but with a little bit of time and patience it can be balanced. My kids have just grown up with this stuff around them so the novelty has long worn off. I’ve actually broken more stuff than they have. LOL. But yes, cabin fever makes all this possible.

  14. Love your house, there’s so much personality in it. Especially loving the Foo Fighters in the kids bedroom and the picture of the ladies and the hats. New (grown up) couch is on the list at our house, hoping that the vegemite smearing days are behind us but that might be wishful thinking on both parts!

  15. I love your house! Very cool, and very lived in. I hate when I see bloggers putting their homes up on their blogs and they look so bare and sterile and like no one lives there. Your house looks so welcoming and friendly!
    I love my house. I’ll love it more when it’s done!! I have to remember we’ve only been here for just under 2 years and it’s our first house so I can’t expect it to be ‘done’ so quickly.

  16. Wow! I am blown away! If I did a tour of my house,all you will see is piles of things without homes! Do you have a warobe in your kids rooms! I have been trying to work out what to do for my boy he only has a dresser in his room and is getting to a stage where he needs one. Ta x

    • LOL, my house can look like that too! My boys both have built in wardrobes in their rooms. My house is actually really tiny so we had to get rid of a lot of stuff before we moved in (all my books….sob!), and I also have to be careful of the amount of stuff we accumulate. We have such little space and very little storage here, so that has kind of been the key for us I think – being forced to have less. It has it’s pros and cons!

  17. Can you please come and decorate our place!!!!! Also is it also ALWAYS that clean by raising small humans??? How?? HOOWWWWW???? I am envious.

  18. I LOVE your house too. Simply stunning! I dream about the day we no long rent so that I can get stuck into some decorating!! Oh and I LOVE the Foos on the wall in the kids room – awesome!

    • LOL, thanks. The IKEA ones are remarkably sturdy. I’m actually a little surprised because some of their stuff can be a bit flimsy but these babies have really done some mileage, with two young kids around. We have one opening within half an hour of us next year (squeee!) so that could be very bad for me… I mean, my wallet…

  19. I hate you! Look at you with all your awesome stuff and posters and monochrome. I am not jealous at all. At all!

    Ok, so I am a total big fat liar and I didn’t know it was possible to actually love you more. But now I do. I hate you. But I love you. I think my head might just explode from the coolness.

    Seriously though, your house is so fucking awesome. I need you to come and please fix my house! Please?!?!?!? You don’t live that far away so it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

  20. I’m now looking at my very bare, very cream walls, and may (just may) have found the inspiration to finally put something on them. We’ve been here what, three months? It’s probably taken us this long to get over the shock of daily living in forest green/terracotta surrounds, 1997 has never been so close. Actually, I’ll never get over that shock, so I may as well just carry on!

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